this is "gallery one"
- the very first published here

platform_railwaystation_paris railway_signal_paris fat_man_laying_in_the_sun lonely_chair_at_the_sea gate
thirsty_ground gardener_in_the_city berlin_unter_den_linden gedaechtnisskirche_berlin grass carriage
baumbluete1 baumbluete2 salamanca market rainforest1 water
rainforest2 winter_weg winterroofs tram_lisbon_portugal cooking_in_wilderness
mofas_algarve_portugal bull_running

thirsty ground

this picture remindes me of a desert shot from an airplane or helicopter - it is actually a macro of a puddle after the midday sun had done its work.

some guys from the czech republic already used this image for a poster on there local club performance! (and nicely asked before doing so ;-)

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