nepal country

stupa stupa stupa kathmandu lane local truck
window decoration pigeons blue leaning store doors river pokhara street scene with monk
butterfly local truck commemorative plaque strang tree goats
glassy lake suspension bridge suspension bridge house in tallo gagangauda house in tallo gagangauda
house in tallo gagangauda house in tallo gagangauda family with cows flower rice field
rice fields and buddhist monastery facade adinath temple in chobar adinath temple in chobar flower
insect dahlias and view on kathmandu kathmandu valley rice fields prayer flags
prayer flags market on basantapur square hinduistic sacrifice hinduistic sacrifice raven
sacrifice of a goat stupa gaddi baithak the premier minister of nepal driving by basantapur square kumari procession
nepalese army durbar square roofs golden figure king's statue rush hour with elephant
hindu temple in patan krishna temple in patan
stupa in kathmandu

stupa in kathmandu


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